Reoung Slar-Maluu.
( The Beetle-nut story.)

One upon a time, there was the richest man in the village looking for suitable candidate to marry of his beautiful daughter.
He heard of this handsome and intelligent identical twin from the next village.
The rich man invited the twin to dinner, and told them that he decided to give his daughter away to one of them.
Traditionally, the older would get marry first, but he couldn't tell which one is which, since they look so much a like.
The rich man set out a test to see who was the older twin.
He went in the kitchen and told his daughter, to set a table for him and the twin, but only gave two sets of silverware for the three of them.
When the daughter brought the food out, the twin saw how beautiful she was, they immediately felt in love with her.
As they sat down to eats dinner, they realized there was a missing set of silverware.
The older twin offered the old man one set, the other set he gave to his younger brother.
He then politely told the rich man to enjoy the meal with his hungry little brother, and that he would eat the left over later.
The man was very please with the older twin well manner, he announced that he would give his daughter to the older twin. The younger twin was heart broken.
One day, the younger twin came to visit his brother, but the older twin was still at work.
Without realized that was not her husband, his sister-in-law came out and gave the younger twin hugged and kisses.
The younger twin couldn't resist the temptation; he made love to his sister-in-law.
When it was all over, the younger twin felt very ashamed of his sin, without a word, he got dressed and ran out the door.
He ran to the near by mountain, got down on his knees, asked Buddha for forgiveness and then killed himself.
His body turns into limestone.
When the older twin came home from work, he was surprised to see his wife still naked in bed.
When asked him where did he go after they made love? The older twin was devastated.
He told his wife that was his brother, who made love to her, and he also told her that he would forgive his brother.
He immediately went searching for his brother. By the time he reached the other side of the mountain, he was very tired.
He sat and rests on the limestone rock, cried out for his brother name and hit his head against the limestone.
He died from head injured. His body turns into Beetlenut tree.
In the mean time, his beautiful young wife cried herself out from shocked, and shamed.
She got dressed and went searching for her husband. She was tired when she reached the limestone rock, she sat and wept under the Beetlenut tree.
Then she killed herself. Her body turns into Betel vine that wrapped around the Beetlenut tree.

The Slar-Maluu is the combination of the Betel leaves, limestone and Beetlenut.
it will form a blood red color juice when chews together, it also stained teeth.
Most elderly Khmer women addicted to chewing Slar-Maluu.
Whenever you see the elderly Khmer women with black stained teeth, you know they are addicting to "Slar-Maluu.

At the tradition Khmer wedding, you'll also see the offering of Betel leaves, limestone and Beetlenut ceremony.
The "Slar-maluu" ceremony is a symbolize for bonding of eternal love.

Written by Mylinh Nakry.

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