A Sufi mystic lived in a wild and dangerous dark forest in a very small hut along with his wife. It was a very thick forest with spooky noises.
One day there was torrential rain throughout the day, which continued in the night also. In the middle of the night somebody knocked at the door.
The wife was sleeping near the door. There was not much space inside, just enough for two persons to sleep.
The husband said, “The night is dark, the forest has many wild animals. Somebody might have lost his way. Open the door. He certainly needs refuge.”
“But there is no space inside our hut, only for two of us to sleep.” Retorted his wife.
Laughing over it, the mystic said, “It is not a palace of a king, however big the palace may be, it is always smaller than a poor mystic’s hut. If two can sleep, three can sit perfectly well. We will sit, talk and tell stories, and sing songs. It is a beautiful night. Even the rain is creating certain music. Open the door !”

When the wife opened the door, there entered a visitor drenched with water and said, “I am sorry to disturb you. I got lost, and there is no light except in this hut. I know it is small, but there was no other way. Outside life is full of danger as the wild animals are roaming everywhere.”
The mystic heartily said, “No problem, two can sleep, three can sit. You are welcome. We will know many things from you about the world; and we will offer you our songs, and the night will pass this way. Please close the doors and be at ease. You have graced us; you have given us a chance to welcome a guest; you have made us richer.”

All of them sat together, while the mystic sang a melodious song. Just then there was again a knock at the door.
The mystic said, “You are close to the door, please open it. Somebody needs refuge.”
But the man who was asking for refuge just a few minutes before, became angry. He said, “What do you mean ? There is no space.”
The mystic replied, “It is not a palace of a king, which is always short of space. It is a small hut of a mystic. We three can sit comfortably, but four will have to sit a little tight, more close to each other. And it is really a joy to feel each other’s warmth and love, and anyhow the cold night is almost half way through. So you open the doors ! And remember, a few minutes before you were in the same position.”

Now as there was no alternative left, the man opened the door. Another man who had lost his way in the forest said, “Excuse me, I am absolutely helpless; otherwise I would not have given you trouble. I can see that such a small space is already overcrowded.”
The mystic said, “No problem. We will sit a little close to each other. The gaps between the three can be adjusted to accommodate the four. You are welcome. Sit down and close the door.”

Now the hut was completely packed. The mystic started singing another song, while there was another knock on the door, this time it was a different one.
Everyone was shocked. They now knew very well that whoever was outside the hut would be accommodated by the mystic. “Open the door,” said the mystic, “he is one of my friends, a wild donkey.”
All the guests and the wife were irritated as they said, “This is beyond tolerance. Do you want to bring in a donkey in this place where there is no space left even for sitting comfortably ?”
The mystic said, “How many times do I have to remind you that this is a poor mystic’s hut. There is always space. One has just to find it. Now we are sitting; it’s just a matter of time that the last quarter of this night will also pass. Soon there will be sunrise, open the door !”

The last man who came in was nearest to the door, reluctantly opened it, and a donkey drenched with water entered.
The mystic said, “Remember perfectly well – you were in the same state just a few minutes before.
”Selfishness blinds you of other's needs!

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