Never forget June-04-1949

For many lives that were lost, I remember.
For many tears streaming into Mekong River, I have sorrow.
For the hunger children, I suffer.
For the silent cries, I hear.
For the suffering , I pray.
For the love of Khmer Kampuchea Krom,I'll always remember.
Today, I'll make you remember, I swear.
Khmer Krom is forever.Jey Yu Khmer Krom!

Copyright by Mylinh Nakry.

In memory of the day Cambodia lost Kampuchea Krom(now know as South Viet Nam.)
Khmer Krom will never forget June-04-1949,the day French illegally gave Kampuchea Krom(lower Cambodia) to Viet Nam.

Thank you for listening!