A Lion king and man.

Once a man learnt the language of lions after a lot of hard work and patience. He was happy that now he would be able to understand what the lions spoke.
He went to the jungle and asked some of the lions few questions, but none of them could reply. Now he was annoyed that there was not a single wise lion.
Some of the lions suggested that he should contact their king, and only he would be able to reply his questions.
So the man contacted the king and told him with a tinge of sarcasm that not a single lion was wise enough to answer his questions.
If you are also unable to provide answers to my questions, then my learning your language will prove a sheer waste of time.
The king said, "First of all you're pre-conceived notion and pride, that lions are not wise, are wrong.
Not a single lion has ever tried to learn language of the human. That it self proves that lions are more intelligent than humans.
So all the lions are wise. But you have learnt our language. That itself proves that lions are wiser than human."
Hearing this, the man was taken aback. But somehow repeated the questions, "Who is your God? What is your religion? Which scriptures do you know of?"
The man stated that not a single lion was able to give him reply.
The king said, "Your questions are so foolish that the lions did not find it fit to reply, it was not that they did not know the answers.
In reality, we concentrate our thoughts on those issues, which has direct concern with our lives. Only humans have the habit to think over futile issues."

We waste our life and energy over petty matters, instead of concentrating our energies towards important issues.

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Mylinh Nakry