Bodhisatva Avalokitesvara.
( The Goddess of Compassion.)

Once upon a time there was a beautiful orphan Khmer Krom woman named Thi Kinh. Her husband named Thien Si who was Sino-Khmer Krom and he was very mean to her, but Thi Kinh loved her husband.
One day, after lunch, while Thien Si took a nap Thi Kinh sat near by mending an old shirt for him. She paused for a moment to looked up at her husband, and smiled at the sound of her husband snored got louder. Just then Thi Kinh saw a long hair stuck out from his nasal. She took the sewing scissors and attempted to cut the hair. All suddenly Thien Si opened his eyes and when he saw his wife was holding the scissors near his face, Thien Si jumped up and screamed,” Murder!”
Thien Si suspected Thi Kinh was trying to kill him. He beats her up, and his mother threw her out the house. Despite Thi Kinh cried and begged that she was innocent.
Badly bruised, homeless, lonely and sad Thi Kinh wandered to the next town. She covered her beautiful face with mud and begged the villagers for a place to stay, but no one would takes her in. Thi Kinh decided to cut her hair, pretended to be a man, she went to the Buddhist temple and became a monk.

Usually Thi Mau a daughter of the rich village chief would hurry up to go home after the religious ceremony at the temple. But after one looked at the handsome young monk, she decided to stay and helped cleaned up. Thi Mau was hoping a chance to talk to the young monk.
From that day on, Thi Mau would made frequented trip to the pagoda,to seduce the young monk. And Thi Mau was very angered when the young monk rejected her sexual offered. No man had ever said “No” to her.
Fulls of avenged Thi Mau gave herself to her bodyguard, became pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy. Thi Mau told her father that the young monk was the baby’s father.
Her father was furious, he bought the infant to the pagoda and told the young monk to be a real man, and be responsible for his action. He left the baby boy with young monk.
The young monk told the head of monks that he was not the baby’s father, but the head of the monks didn’t believe him. The young monk got kicked out the pagoda for violated the Buddhist laws.
With the hungry baby cried on his arms, the young monk went down to the village and begged for milk to feed the baby. But the words got out that the young monk had committed bad sins, the angry crowd threw rocks at him, and some even spits on his face.
The young monk ran out of that village with the hungry infant crying in his arm. He ran to the rice field and stopped when he saw a mother cow.
The young monk got down on his knees in front of the mother cow and begged for her milk. To his astonished, the mother cow lay down for the young monk to feed the baby with her milk. And twice a day, the same mother cow would come by the cave, where the young monk stayed to feed the baby ,until he was able to eat regular food.
Times went by, the young monk became old monk and the villagers had also calmed down. The old monk loved and cherished his son, and he brought him up to be a very kind loving young man. And he worked very hard to put his son through school. Just before his son graduated, the old monk died in his sleep.

The villagers helped prepared for the old monk funeral. But when they bathe the old monk’s body, they discovered that the old monk was Thi Kinh, and the young man was shocked to learned that his “ father” was a woman.
His real mother Thi Mau was at a friend home when she heard the news, she immediately ran home and she got struck by lighting. Her body was burnt to the grounded. Ever since, people made Thi Kinh Bodhisatva Avalokitesvara, a symbol of Charity and Compassion, and worships her.

Written by Mylinh Nakry.

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