Trop char trey ngiet.
( Eggplant with smoked fish).

Salty dried fish with eggplant and spicy tomato sauce is delicious authentic Khmer country food.
Back home, we use only salty dried fish(trey ngiet) for this recipe. But if you canít find salty dried fish subtitute with smoke salmon. Eggplant with smoked or dried fish is very popular with the elder and one with toothache. Due to poverty, many Khmer Krom villagers too poor to own a toothbrush, and because of the poor dental hygienist many teenagers have lost a lot of their permanent teeth. It is sad to see these teenagers lost their teeth because it is cheaper to have a tooth pull than to have a cavity filled. * Sigh! * Eggplant and smoked fish not only taste great is also offer the softness texture which make eating more enjoyable for those unfortunated people that suffering from tooth decay or no teeth.


Copyright by Mylinh Nakry.